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29 Nov 2023

Designing a space is a process—and one that is often ongoing. Designing a small space presents its obvious challenges. Furniture shopping becomes stressful instead of fun (the beautiful sofa you’ve been eyeing is four feet too long), twin-sized mattresses become an unwelcome reality, and a dining room table is simply out of the question.

While these may be ugly realities, we promise it is possible to make a compact apartment feel just as homey and design-forward as any three-story villa.

Ahead, WE CREATE founder/CEO Sunali Goenka shares some simplified ideas, from colour palette to artwork selection and beyond. You won’t believe the difference even a simple lighting decision can make…

·    Simplify the palette

Stick to a simple, neutral colour palette so as not to overwhelm a small space. Consider the room's purpose and desired ambiance when choosing hues—soft pastels for a serene vibe or bold, contrasting colours for an energetic feel. Focus on adding pops of colour, pattern, and texture through the details, like pillows. rugs, throw blankets, and greenery. 

·    Prioritize smart storage

“We Don’t have to do all the way like Marie Kondo. but we can have Marie Kondo in our space”. Invest in furniture that serves multiple purposes. For example, a murphy bed with Sofa can be used for seating during the day and as a bed at night. Folding or extendable furniture is also a good choice.

Think: a chic bench that doubles as a linen closet, a drop-leaf dining table that functions as a desk, and a bar cabinet that houses extra dinnerware. Finally, don’t forget to utilize every square inch of existing storage space in your home.

·    When in doubt, go up.

Any designer will tell you that the best antidote to limited floor space is to go vertical. By adorning your walls with beautiful artwork ( add large art canvases on the wall) , floor-to-ceiling drapery, or styled shelving, you create the illusion of a larger room, and utilize all that formerly untapped wall space.  When in doubt, throw a tall statement plant, lamp, oversized vase, or hanging planter into a sparse corner for a pop of height.



Beyond mere structural elements, windows are portals to natural light, stunning views, and a seamless connection with the outdoors. The judicious use of windows can transform even the most confined spaces into luminous sanctuaries. Designers today are embracing the concept of maximizing daylight, using it to highlight architectural features, accentuate colours, and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Honestly, there’s nothing a gorgeous chandelier or a sculptural wall sconce can’t fix. Invest in statement lighting to draw attention to your favourite areas, set the mood, and create intentional design moments in your home. 

Incorporate reflective surfaces, such as glass or metallic finishes, to bounce light around the room. This can make the space feel more open and dynamic.

Your home can look from a hospital waiting area to glam cozy space with jus the right use of lighting.

·    Negative space is *crucial*


Say it with us: breathing room. Sometimes all a space need is absolutely nothing at all. Balance out a busy gallery wall or patterned drapes with clean, blank wall space. You don’t have to hang a knick-knack, wall sconce, or wall hook on every conceivable surface. When in doubt, let an unadorned wall shine in all its simple glory.

·    Don't forget to edit


Creating balance in interior design is an art form, and by extension, a never-ending work in progress. Don’t be afraid to rearrange, add, subtract, and completely start over as your design style evolves. When you’re stuck, leave the room and revisit it the next day for a fresh set of eyes. And remember: Don’t be afraid to switch things up until everything feels right to you!

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